Over the last decade no other company or organization has been more instrumental in the growth of live music and jazz in Shanghai than JZ. A major player in all aspects of China’s growing music industry, every year JZ Music showcases big international names at Shanghai’s  outdoor music festivals - the JZ Festival Shanghai, a public music festival - JZ Spring and a music competition for music lovers. JZ Music owns many live music venues - JZ Club , which are widely known as China’s top live music venues. Besides located in Shanghai, JZ Club had spread into Hangzhou ten years ago and now located in Guangzhou.Regular live concerts and tours featuring some international jazz masters are hold in many cities of China. JZ Music contributes jazz education through JZ School. It also produces jazz records and owns some well-known jazz artists now including Laura Fygi,Alec Haavik, Li Xiaochuan,Huang Jianyi,An Yu,Zhang Xiongguan,Li Shihai,Xu Zhitong,Sunny Yang, Jacky Chen,An Yu and etc. JZ Festival has become the recognizable  jazz music festival in China and Asia. There will be more and more possibilities about JZ Music.