Joker Xue’s 10th album Dust’s first theme song Puppet tells numerous stories


In Joker Xue’s just-concluded 2018-2019 "Skyscraper" World Tour concert, Joker Xue personally created 23 concerts lasting 10 months; spanning 4 continents, 8 countries and 21 cities. Joker Xue’s fans from domestic and overseas gathered for love and went to this music feast. This time, Joker Xue took the 10th album Dust and debuted for the first time. The whole album is like the back of the moon,which hides the treasure and power. The album Dust and the first theme song Puppet unveiled on June 26, 2019, using Xue-style to depict the puppet heart in the floating wind.


Joker Xue's 10th album Dust uses the "puppet" as the key to break the phantom step by step, till reach the final destination. Just like the dark side that can't be said in the floating wind, people will choose to embrace the sun. All the sorrows of the heart swept over with the advancement of the song, as if to take us back to where we used to be. Those memories are transformed into figurative individuals just at  fingertips, but they are broken at once, and they are drawn into a seemingly sad love story, but there is a silky floating thread called "Dust". One year in a blink of an eye, many of the past will end up in the dust, the unknown name, or the name of the naive has been stabbed in the ten pages.


The album Dust’s first theme song Puppet all composed by Joker Xue himself. He constantly trying the infinite possibilities in love songs, using music to explain the subtle distance of feelings that gradually drifting away. He sincerely listening to the softest of the audience and using the iconic Xue-style interpretation of the puppet’s quietly shaking. It is difficult to understand the long-lasting notes through the dust between the fingers, for it tells the gloom of love. The emotions of the light buckle from the eardrum into the brain, leaving a lingering phantom. The most streamlined words portray the essence of love, numb yourself as a puppet, placed in any environment. Even if the silk behind it controls everything, it can't change when love comes: no cry, no laugh, no laugh, no bitter. "No one can become a puppet", many of them will eventually fall to nothing like "dust", and the ten fingers play the instrument and the puppets will find their way to back.