Jude's "A Journey Through Time" is online today The movie "A Journey Through the Moon" Moonlight Warming Tracks


Jude's "A Journey Through Time" - Moonlight Warming Song for the movie "A Journey Through the Moon

The movie Journey Through the Moon, directed by Li Weiran and starring Zhang Zifeng and Hu Xianxu in the lead roles, is based on Chi Zijian's novel Stepping on the Moonlight Walking Boards. The movie tells the story of a newlywed couple, working in different cities, running to each other in both directions, but constantly rubbing each other the wrong way. 

This mountain is outside the mountain, this city is outside the city, this life is this fate, is a staggered journey;

The time is so short that we have to meet each other all the time, and we can see all the world's prosperity, but we only love you.

The movie promotional song "Time Staggered Journey" is written by Gan Shijia, composed by Xu Yaozhu, and created by gold medal music producer Yu Fei. With his warm and mellow voice, Jude delicately shows the innocent love between the male and female protagonists, not mentioning love in every sentence, but love in every sentence.

The rest of my life, how can I cut it into a short moment?

Borrowing your kiss, and its long lingering warmth

The movie "Journey Through the Moon" is hotly anticipated, the heart is yearning for you, and you are running to it tirelessly.