Xu Song Breath of the Wild tour re-announced Nanjing Chengdu Qingdao three cities Nanjing station pre-sale sold out Hefei station is about to open the show


2024 Song Xu "breath of the wild" tour concert Nanjing station will be on June 1 in the Nanjing Olympic sports center stadium hot start singing. This pre-sale tickets in May 14th Xu Song birthday day open 10 seconds sold out, microblogging topic # Xu Song Nanjing grab tickets # on the front of the hot search list, the concert at the same time also in the cat's eye performance list of comprehensive hot list for many consecutive days fault first.

Previously, 2024 Xu Song "breath of the wild" national tour concert heat wave has arrived in Wuhan and Shenzhen, May 18 and will arrive in Hefei, as Xu Song's hometown field, Hefei station audience viewing enthusiasm, barley want to see the number of people has reached 1.21 million people, and the concert on May 10th even declared that the information of the three cities: June 1 of the nanjing station, June 15 of the chengdu station and June 29th of the qingdao station, again Pull full of everyone's expectations, the subsequent more Shanghai, Zhengzhou, Hangzhou, Beijing station will be unlocked one after another, so that more viewers can feel the charm of Hsu Song's music up close and enjoy the beauty of music with Hsu Song.

Along with the pre-sale of Nanjing station opened on May 14th birthday, tour Hefei station will also be officially opened this Saturday, May 18th in Hefei Sports Center Stadium. The concert has received strong support from Anhui Culture and Tourism, sending "Luzhou moonlight tour route" this birthday surprise from home, while the audience can also rely on Hefei station tickets in a number of scenic spots, attractions, B&Bs and beverage stores to enjoy exclusive offers and cultural gifts, covering the hometown of eating, drinking, playing and entertainment benefits so that netizens have to leave a message: worthy of the hometown, row too full, the row too full. Hometown, row face is too full, now Hefei can see Song Xu everywhere!

Let's look forward to the wonderful performance of "Breathing Wild" National Tour Hefei Station, feel the different stories and emotions carried by each song, and meet with Song Xu under the moon in his hometown Luzhou on May 18th!

"Breathing Wild" Nanjing Station

Official Ticket Opening: May 24th 11:18pm

Venue: Nanjing Olympic Sports Center Stadium

Performance Time: June 1, 19:00

Tickets: 1618 | 1318 | 1118 | 818 | 618 | 318

"Breathe Wild Chengdu

Pre-sale: May 20, 11:18pm

Venue: Fenghuang Mountain Sports Park Professional Soccer Stadium

Performance Time: June 15, 19:00

Tickets: 1618 | 1318 | 1118 | 818 | 618 | 318

"Breathing Wild Qingdao

Venue: Qingdao Guoxin Sports Center Stadium

Performance Time: June 29th, 19:00

Ticket Price: 1618 | 1318 | 1118 | 818 | 618 | 318