Song Xu's Breathing Wild Tour Lights Up Hometown Hefei Tens of Thousands of People Sing Lushu Moon Under the Moon


At 19:00 on May 18th, 2024 Song Xu's "Breath of the Wild" Tour Hefei Station started warmly in Hefei Sports Center Stadium! Under the double romantic support of hometown field and birthday month, Song Xu and the audience welcomed a grand and warm gathering, and became the most moving scenery in each other's eyes under the moonlight of Luzhou.

Xu Song said that Hefei is the place where his music road began, from the very beginning of a few listeners to today's tens of thousands of spectators in a packed stadium, began in his hometown of the music road more and more bright and colorful. Hefei station after the start of the show, the scene of the audience's passionate shouts resounded through the clouds, # Song Xu concert #, # Song Xu Hefei concert #, # Song Xu Hefei concert guests are drones #, # Song Xu in Luzhou singing Luzhou moon #, # Song Xu Hefei concert off-site atmosphere absolute # and other related words and phrases to trigger a wave of discussion on the whole network.

Hometown stage feast upgraded, shocking singing to meet the early summer revelry

The "Breathing Wild" tour has carefully selected and re-produced Song Xu's music works of various periods, some tracks retain the original flavor of the touching, and some tracks create a refreshing surprise, full of details and sincerity. In his hometown of Hefei station, Xu Song in this round of tour for the first time to sing the song "gray avatar", when the music prelude sounded, the audience instantly boiled, when the song "Lushou moon" sung under the moon in Lushou, once again the concert atmosphere pushed to the climax.

See a headset in the people, see a concert, run to a city, Hefei station as Xu Song hometown field, Hefei cultural tourism and various units and departments, in order to protect the performance smooth and successful, in the food, drink, accommodation and transportation, on-site transportation, security work and other aspects of the local as well as far away from the foreign audience escort, but also for Xu Song sent from the hometown of the platoon.

Luzhou under the moon running in both directions fans surprise VCR led to the whole scene tears

The night falls, the moonlight sprinkles down, a since 2007 across 17 years of fans to celebrate the birthday VCR surprise appeared in the background of the big screen, accompanied by the "but love you" chorus and around the fans of the birthday blessing, by the 514 sets of drones composed of performances appeared in the arena over the sky, the drone light show and the Lushu moon echoed, such as the stars to light up the night sky, drawing roses, birthday cake and other images, the The most enthusiastic love and blessings of the fans will be sent to the fans, "Welcome home Song Xu" appeared in the LED screen of the building next to the arena, the blessings of the hometown along with the love and moonlight sprinkled in the hearts of Song Xu and every audience.

The same tears with the audience in the arena with ten thousand people outside the audience, the sea of people chorus atmosphere in the concert after the end of the concert is still a long time, but also in the network to cause a strong resonance: "Song Xu concert outside the sea of people is too shocking, the atmosphere of the absolute."

"Welcome Song": singing on the stage in his hometown, very down-to-earth and at ease

Facing tens of thousands of fans from all over the world inside and outside the hometown station, Xu Song talked about himself standing on the stage of his hometown to sing, very down-to-earth and at ease, but also teased himself as a welcome guest "Song". During the drone performance, Xu Song frequently nodded to the screen and the sky, and responded to the fans, "the concert in the breath of the wild, receiving so many blessings, I feel like a tent in the wilderness or grassland, this love is like a tent, so that I can perch, we have to often go to this tent together to sit down together, around the fireplace night talk, okay, we also From time to time, we should go outside the tent together, curtain the sky and the ground, indulge in what we want, to enjoy what life has given us, and also share more touches in the music together."

Thanks to everyone who gathered under the moon in Luzhou, Song Xu's "Breathing Wild" tour Hefei Station came to a successful end! Breathe of the wild music tour continues to move forward, May 20, 11:18 a.m. Chengdu station will soon open pre-sale, looking forward to June 1 in Nanjing Olympic Sports Center Stadium, June 15, Chengdu Phoenix Hill Sports Park professional soccer stadium to share more touched in the music!