The Five Stripes' “Love Is Not an Option” is online today, and the movie's “A Trip Across the Moon” moonlight heartwarming song


“I am in love with you, I can't help it; I want to see you, I can't help it.”

The Five Stripes “Love is not an option” - Moonlight Heartbeat of the movie “Journey to the Moon”.

Directed by Li Weiran and starring Zhang Zifeng and Hu Xianxu, the movie “Journey Through the Moon” is adapted from Chi Zijian's original novel “Treading on the Moonlight Walking Boards”. The movie tells the story of a newlywed couple, working in different cities, running towards each other in both directions, but constantly rubbing each other the wrong way.

The classic song “Love is not an option” is performed by Five Stripes' “Cantonese Pretty Boy” version, which is a perfect match for the movie, recreating the scene of the 1990s, where a reckless boy boldly expresses his love to a girl, hiding the delicate tenderness in his heart. The bass and electric guitar orchestration of the song hits the senses, feeling the dopamine bursting at this moment; the cyclic drums with the light melody, as if the love is compelled to fall into it. Five Stripes' coarse and distinctive vocals add a sense of storytelling to the familiar lyrics, as if you can imagine the stunning look in your eyes when you first meet them, and the unadorned restlessness.

The linkage of Five Stripes with Journey Through the Moon is worth looking forward to as an egg. In the movie, Renke and Mao Tao make a surprise cameo appearance, which not only adds a lot of sparks to the pair's journey, but also indirectly pushes the moment they meet to be even more “unforgettable”. At the end of the movie, lines from the movie are captured to sweetly conclude the movie: “I miss you, I want to hold you in my arms”, “The sound of the piano is soothing to my heart”, together enriching the meaning of “love is not enough”.

It is not the heartbeat of one person under the moonlight, but the mutual reflection of two people. Just because of the love is not enough, miss the temperature of each other, in the anxious waiting does not care about the gain or loss. The swaying road again, the tired starlight, the lover's eyes only tell the most blazing love. With sincere and open love, they will eventually reach the end of the moon.

Don't be afraid that you have to do it, I love you too.

See you in the theater on May 1, true love, sweet package!