Wei Ruxuan x Ice Paper “Moonlight in the City” online today Moonlight Guardian Song for the movie “Journey Through the Moon


Wei Ruxuan/Ice Paper “Moonlight in the City” - Moonlight Guardian Song for the movie “Journey Through the Moon

Directed by Li Weiran and starring Zhang Zifeng and Hu Xianxu, the movie Journey Through the Moon is based on Chi Zijian's novel Stepping on the Moonlight Walking Boards. The movie tells the story of a newlywed couple, working in different cities, running towards each other in both directions, but constantly rubbing each other the wrong way.

The moonlight guardian song “Moonlight in the City” is performed by Ruxuan Wei and Ice Paper. Ruxuan Wei's storytelling voice pours out the girl's heart in detail; mirroring Ice Paper's soulful vocals, the duet tells of the gentle guardianship of the lovers who are separated from one another, conveying the same warm, healing temperament as the movie.

Ice Paper's rearranged melody intertwines the modern electric guitar and guzheng sound, as if thoughts traveled through time and space, just like the moon's unchanging guardianship. A special rap passage is incorporated into the song to express the longing of long-distance couples. When the moon is high in the sky and its light is spreading all over the city, the two people who love each other will eventually turn their regrets into fulfillment. Looking at the moon, the soft silver glow spreads over every corner of the world, illuminating every attachment to love.

In the movie “Journey Through the Moon”, newlyweds Lin Xiushan and Wang Rui are separated from each other, unable to spend time with each other night and day, but still able to feel the warmth from each other. Although they keep brushing past each other during their meeting trips, the two hearts are always running in both directions, and when they finally surprise each other on the platform, it is just like a marvelous match arranged by the moon.

Whenever night falls, the “moonlight in the city” always sprinkles down quietly, illuminating the dream and warming the heart.

See you at the theater on May 1, true love, packet sweet!