Xu Song Breath of the Wild Tour Shenzhen Station came to a successful conclusion Xu Song: I will always be in the music to give you soothing


At 19:00 on April 27th, along with the heat of early summer, 2024 Song Xu “Breath of the Wild” Tour Shenzhen Station started in Shenzhen Bay Sports Center “Spring Cocoon” Stadium! As the second stop of this tour, the performance site of Shenzhen Station and the discussion on the whole network continued to climb, and there was even a guest Ding Shiguang who surprised the audience by appearing on the stage and bringing them a wonderful stage. After the show started, # Song Xu concert #, # Song Xu Shenzhen concert #, # Song Xu concert guest is Ding Shiguang #, # Song Xu singing thin # and other related words continue to list.

Brilliant fluorescent sink sea of stars falling flowers like rain sprinkled on the heart

Xu Song hand in hand with the top concert production team, to the lyrics and music core of each piece of work as the basis, in stage art, visual images, sound effects and other aspects of the ultimate creative and dedicated polishing, but also with a variety of dance performances, with a diversified form of music in the emotion of the full presentation.

When a golden song was carefully interpreted, the ear-splitting cheers and the melody of music were intertwined above the “Spring Cocoon” stadium of Shenzhen Bay Sports Center, and when the song “Between the Mountains and the Waters” was sung, flower petals floated down from the sky above the stage, and Song Xu sprinkled the rain of falling flowers on the hearts of every audience. A “Pompeii”, once again opened the encore stage, the night scene of the city of Shenzhen and the stage of the romantic interplay of Xu Song, tens of thousands of audience's fluorescent sticks bright flashing, such as a sea of stars mapped on the background around the stage, at that moment, Xu Song and the audience together constitute the most beautiful scenery on the stage.

Ding Shiguang Surprised on Stage and Cooperated to Perform the Debut Stage of “Staying Fragrant

Based on the theme of “Breathing Wild”, this round of concerts, through special stage arrangement, thoroughly displaying Song Xu's “multi-faceted” and “multi-faceted” creative style, showing Song Xu's brand new grooming and presentation of his own music creation, each performance has a different design appearance from the others. When he sang “On the Rain of Qingming” in Shenzhen Station, the lyrics landed on the water ripples, just like a circle of grain on a golden record, playing the same frequency of music imprints.

At the same time this site invited guests Ding Shiguang, and Xu Song cooperation interpretation of the song “thin” and “stay fragrant”, the two tacit understanding duet, to each other's songs bring a different new posture, this is also the song “stay fragrant” debut stage, the opening of the song that triggered the whole audience cheers.

“I'll be sure to applaud for you from afar.

I'll always be in the music to soothe you.”

During the concert, the atmosphere inside the venue is getting hotter and hotter, and the degree of warmth outside the venue is also not reduced at all, thousands of fans and the venue together chorus, cheering together with each other, and Xu Song also responded, “I heard that there are a lot of friends outside the venue, has been in the chorus, has been on the waiting list, which is also a copy of the appointment as promised ah, thank you for your support, hard work!”

Singing to “the arch enemy of the Dragon”, Xu Song also talked about why he frankly accepts everyone's favorite, “like the arch enemy in the martial arts masters, masters are not comforted, masters only need to applaud, this deep love you remember in your heart, but also you give me, but also I give back to you, when you meet any setbacks in life, you must also remember that, I'm in the faraway place, and will definitely also will be applauding for you, and I will always be there to soothe you in the music.”

Meeting again and again in music, recording more joy and touching, Song Xu “Breathing the wild” tour concert Shenzhen station ended successfully, May 18 Hefei Sports Center Stadium, “we meet in the old place”!