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Baggage stowage checklist:

ID/Passport x1

Toiletries travel set x1

Charger x1

Earphones x1

Small stereo x1

Change of clothes x 3

Aggrieved x N

Miss x N+1

Pack all the negative emotions

And leave each other alone in the future

Through the whirling cars and the hustle and bustle of the crowd

As the bags fall apart

What comes out is

In the bag full of misses

In those moments when you don't dare to express your sadness and miss, you have to pack up all your emotions and hide them secretly in your heart, which, over time, turns into a figure in your dreams and you have to rearrange them after waking up. The baggage with the emotions is getting heavier and heavier, and the misses are getting more and more. Su Xunlun's 2024 first single “In the Bag” is a light-hearted melody that describes the complexities of the heart, with a witty arrangement that creates an attitude of “pretending to be relaxed” after the loss, making it difficult to talk about the grievances, and even more so for the misses to be revealed, and saying, “Putting the grievances into a bag full of bags/re-interrupting again is really super, super embarrassing. It's super, super embarrassing to bother you again", but still ‘I want to see you again’.

In his most relaxed state, Soo Hoon Lun illustrates the contradiction of seemingly not caring but secretly feeling sad, even if he misses you so much, he still has to tell himself, “I can remember to eat my dinner well by myself/I can still smile well without you”.

Su Xunlun's new single

2024 Music Road all laced up and ready to go

Emotions in the bag, sincerity in the bag