Song Xu's “Breath of the Wild” tour sold out in Hefei, and the response was overwhelming, creating a rush for tickets.


2024 Song Xu “Breath of the Wild” Tour Hefei Station opened pre-sale on April 22nd at 11:18, more than 980,000 people marked “want to see” on barley.com, and all the tickets were sold out in 10 seconds on the day of the pre-sale, which set off a rush for tickets. In the social media, # Xu Song Hefei ticket # and other related hot topics soared to the top of the list, triggering enthusiastic discussion among music fans. The official opening time of the Hefei station is 11:18 on May 6, so let's meet at the Hefei Sports Center Stadium and sing together!

The tour has been prepared for a long time, the first stop in Wuhan on April 13 in Wuhan Sports Center, the main stadium came to a successful conclusion, the concert site song surging, tens of thousands of people chorus atmosphere hot, from the stage art, visual images, acoustics and other aspects of the ingenuity, presenting a full range of multi-level call, inhalation, of the, wild. Walking through the music wilderness, in the music universe created by Xu Song feel breathing the same frequency, inner resonance. Eighteen years along the way, Xu Song's music, recounting his thinking, also accompanied the fans' life. This time in Song's hometown of Hefei station, the audience have said: we meet the “old place”.

Full of moving, treasure the beautiful, 2024 Song Xu “Breathe of the wild” tour will be followed by landing in Shenzhen, Hefei, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Qingdao and other cities, of which the second station of Shenzhen opening soon, on April 27th, waiting for you to get together, looking forward to meeting with you again!

Song Xu “Breath of the Wild” 2024 Tour Hefei Station

Venue: Hefei Sports Center Stadium

Official Ticket Opening Time: 11:18 on May 6th

Performance time: May 18th (Saturday) 19:00