Xu Song Breath of the wild tour first stop Wuhan opening tens of thousands of people chorus warm surging


At 19:30 on 13th April, the first stop of 2024 Song Xu's "Breath of the Wild" tour concert was hotly opened in the main stadium of Wuhan Sports Centre. The concert was arranged from the tracks to the choreography and make-up, all of which reflected Song Xu's utmost care. The concert brought fans into a vast and dreamy journey through the musical wilderness, presenting a figurative audio-visual feast that travelled through the breathless wilderness.

From the wave-like continuous rise in the discussion volume of the major network platforms, it can be seen that the majority of netizens' expectations of the concert and the audience's satisfaction with the concert. After the show started, # Xu Song Wuhan Station #, # Xu Song sang Broken Bridge Broken Snow #, # Xu Song just sang crows on the rain #, # Xu Song face 40,000 people chorus # and other related content of more than twenty topics on the list more than a hundred times, continued to dominate the whole network platform hot search list. After the performance, QQ music soaring list TOP100 in the song of Xu Song on the list of 29. 14 night, Xu Song will concert stage recorded video as the first jitterbug works released, the comment area response enthusiastic, # Xu Song the first jitterbug # topic quickly boarded the jitterbug entertainment list TOP1, hot search list TOP5.

Song List Arrangement Interpretation of Breathing Wild Encore Session Collects Infinite Resonance

At the end of the concert, a romantic and lyrical "Pompeii" was played as an encore, with Xu Song playing deeply by the piano, and roses slowly blooming beside the piano. When "As promised" sounded again as the closing song, the fan's confession video surprise appeared on the big screen, at that moment, the love connecting Hsu Song and the fans, through the screen, leaping from the vast galactic sea of stars in each other's minds, and meeting joyfully in the main stadium of Wuhan Sports Centre, accompanied by the enthusiastic wave of 40,000 spectators.

Choreography design carefully sculpted to light wing encounter music wilderness

This round of tour is themed around Xu Song's eighth full-length album "Breathing Wild", and compared to the "Treasure Hunt" tour in 19 years, all aspects of "Breathing Wild" have been fully upgraded to bring fans a refreshing experience. The glittering wings above the main stage, made up of eight giant lifting devices, were cleverly designed to achieve a stunning coverage of all-round immersion through positional changes and light projections.

At the beginning of the concert, under the background of the huge 3D avatar sculpture, Xu Song dressed in a silver sequin jacket and dancers appeared from the light, and opened a tens of thousands of people "bouncing" in the extremely iconic "Three Feet" "bouncing, bouncing, bouncing, bouncing, bouncing, bouncing, bouncing, bouncing, bouncing, bouncing, bouncing, bouncing, bouncing, bouncing, bouncing, bouncing, bouncing, bouncing, bouncing", and fans Fans released their passionate thoughts and expectations, setting off the first climax of the concert.

When a classic song was sung, the elaborate choreography and music were displayed in front of the audience, with surprise new arrangements of old songs, special version of Qingming Shanghe Diagram, giant sculpture of a thinker, live string orchestra soundtrack, and various styles of dance choreography, etc., which sublimated the theme of "Breath of the Wild", and at the same time, also made fans present breathe the same frequency in the music universe created by Xu Song, and the music universe created by Xu Song was a great experience for fans. The theme of "Breathing Wild" was sublimated, and at the same time, music fans in the audience were able to breathe and resonate with the music universe created by Xu Song.

"This belongs to our common memories, your appearance is more precious."

Atmosphere hot during the concert, the enthusiastic audience often raise their mobile phones, record the precious time at this moment, see everyone's enthusiasm move, Xu Song said, "In fact, light shoot me alone, I am against, know why? Because you should, shoot me, and then turn the camera back to shoot yourself, this belongs to our common memories, your appearance, is more precious!" Once again triggered the atmosphere of the scene, the audience called "so romantic!"

This is not only a concert, but also a journey with Xu Song to immerse in his vast musical universe, because of music, we are united together. Hsu Song's "Breathing the Wild" tour concert in Wuhan has come to a successful end, and we are looking forward to meeting you all again on 27th April at the Shenzhen Bay Sports Centre's "Spring Cocoon" Stadium!