Zhang Zifeng Hu Xianxu's "Golden Wind and Jade Dew" is online today Film "Journey Through the Moon" Moonlight Love Song


The golden wind is warm and gentle, brushing over the fluttering notes of the harmonica; the jade dew is limpid, embellished with the rich fragrance of roses.

The film "Travelling Through the Moon", the moon debut love song is online today, produced by Taihe Music Group and Beijing Youguang Film, and distributed by Taihe Maitian.

The film "travelling across the moon" is directed by Li Weiran, starring Zhang Zifeng and Hu Xianxu, and is adapted from Chi Zijian's original novel, "Treading on the Moonlight Walking Board". The film tells the story of a newlywed couple, working in different cities, running towards each other in both directions, but constantly rubbing shoulders.

The song "Golden Wind and Jade Dew" was sweetly sung by Zhang Zifeng and Hu Xianxu hand in hand. The vintage tone of the electronic piano rings out, as if in the romantic and tender 90's. Along with the music, the story of Lin Xiushan and Wang Rui unfolds, telling the story of how the two met, were pleased with each other, and worked together. Using golden wind and jade dew as a metaphor for this deep and firm relationship, the right chorus seems to be the mutual response of their feelings, adding a bit of sweetness to the atmosphere.

In the film "Journey to the Moon", despite the distance between the two lovers, the two hearts are tightly connected. Running to and from each other again and again, their love becomes stronger and deeper under the test of distance and time. Just a few minutes of embracing on the platform is enough to dissipate all the fatigue, and under the witness of the moonlight, they compose their love song together.

"When the golden wind and jade dew meet, it is better than countless other things on earth."

See you at the cinema on 1 May, true love, sweet package!