Xu Song "Breath of the wild" tour Wuhan station more than a million "want to see" The second will be sung in Shenzhen on April 27th!


2024 Xu Song "Breath of the wild" Tour Wuhan Station today officially opened tickets, barley network more than 1.3 million people marked "want to see", in everyone's warmly anticipated, the tour of Shenzhen Station today also announced the opening of the Xu Song will be in Shenzhen Bay Sports Center "Spring Cocoon" Stadium on April 27th to start singing. "Stadium sing.

2024 Xu Song "Breath of the wild" tour has now announced Wuhan, Shenzhen, Hefei, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Qingdao 6 cities. On the day of the pre-sale and opening of the first Wuhan station, all tickets of all ticket types on the whole platform were sold out in just a few seconds, and the related topic content appeared in the first place of the national hot search list on multiple ticketing platforms, and on the social media, the related hot search topics, such as #Xu Song Robbing Tickets# and #Xu Song Tour Wuhan Station Sold Out#, continued to dominate the charts, triggering the fiery discussions of the netizens. Behind this series of figures, it is the audience's deep love and firm support for Xu Song's music, as well as the common witness and following of his eighteen-year music journey.

 Along with the opening of the Wuhan station, the tour's Shenzhen station was also announced to open today, Song Xu will open his second stop of the "Breathing Wild" tour on April 27th in the "Spring Cocoon" stadium at the Shenzhen Bay Sports Center. In the tour trailer released today, Xu Song switches between several different looks in the 15-second video, raising everyone's expectations for the concert again.

Song Xu's "Breath of the Wild" tour is not only a music meeting, but also Song Xu's meticulous combing and affectionate feedback to his 18 years of music creation career. He cooperates with the top team in the industry and is committed to creating an immersive music universe for the audience.

Let's look forward to the beautiful audio-visual feast in Wuhan & Shenzhen of Song Xu's "Breath of the Wild" Tour.

Shenzhen station performance information:

[Venue] Shenzhen Bay Sports Center "Spring Cocoon" Stadium

Performance time] April 27th 19:00

Ticketing platform]: Barley, Show Moves, Cat's Eye

Ticket Price  1618 | 1318 | 1118 | 818 | 618 | 318