"The Youth Music Festival is back! Youth Music Festival" is back! The first stop was successfully concluded at the campus of Guangxi Yinghua International Vocational College!


In the evening of April 2, a spring music feast arrived as expected by teachers and students of Guangxi Yinghua International Vocational College.

 Following the 2023 "Hi! Youth Music Festival" was successfully held in Yunnan, Zhengzhou, Harbin and Lanzhou in 2023, the first stop in 2024 came to Qinzhou, Guangxi province, which is surrounded by mountains and water, and was created by Yinghua International Vocational College of Guangxi in collaboration with Taihe Music Group and its subsidiaries, ShowStart and Tai Campus Tai Youth, which made the "Hi! Youth Music Festival" became the first large-scale outdoor campus music festival in the region.

On the day of the performance, five groups of musicians with different styles, including Wang Jingwen, Wang Yijin, White Book Band, Not Super Mario, and TE27, made a hot appearance, and screams, cheers, and applause were intertwined in the athletic field, while melodious melodies accompanied with young voices, and youthful radiance was displayed in the music festival. In such a spring evening, may the good music live up to the spring light and the students' lives roll on forever.

The rapper TE27 was the first to appear on the stage, bringing many good songs such as "Two Shadows in the Moonlight", "I'm Not the Sunflower in Van Gogh's Paintings", "Little Butterfly", etc. He ignited the stage with his infectious rap performance and firmly grasped the ears of the teachers and the students.

The Not Super Mario Band followed suit with masterpieces such as "Thumping Heart", "Flying While Staying at the Star River Inn" and "Not Super Mario". The songs seemed to be exactly about everyone's student days, clueless, about to embark on a new journey, about to enter the unknown wilderness, to start their own breakthrough adventures until they become their own Super Mario. The song was so heartfelt that it received a warm response from the students, many of whom said, "I'm really impressed!

Next, the atmosphere of the scene was directly ignited by the White Paper Band. The band sang eight songs in a row, and the members jumped and swayed gently, making everyone join this immersive music party. It is worth mentioning that for the "Hi! It is worth mentioning that for this "Hi! Youth Music Festival", White Paper also specially covered the song "You at the Same Table", and when the familiar song resounded in the campus, the moving scene of the whole audience singing in chorus will become an eternal memory, flowing in the river of time.

 The singer Wang Yijin, who appeared in the finale, waved to the students with a sweet smile, and a song "Teenage China" showed a youthful atmosphere full of positive energy. Songs such as "Transparent Love" and "Like You" were romantic and wanton, gentle and delicate, which brought the ultimate audio-visual enjoyment to the students. People have released their own small video recorded on social platforms, lamenting that they could see such a high quality music festival in their school, "Thank you Yinghua, we don't say anything about the strength of our school, I can't help praising you again and again, it's really too good."

The new generation original musician Wang Jingwen, who appeared on the pressure stage, used the warmest way to touch, listen and express. She sang a number of popular songs such as "Fallen", "Fickle", "Forgotten", and "Where I'm Going" to the delight of the students. Wang Jingwen also used the songs to send her heartfelt wishes to the students: "Go and meet the person in your life who can accompany you in the rain, listen to songs with you, and run wildly with you! Then be brave and be yourself! I hope the next time I see you, you'll still be as happy as you are tonight! Cheer up!"

In the crowd and shouts, Guangxi Yinghua International Vocational College's "Hi-Youth Music Festival" came to a successful end! Youth Music Festival" came to a successful end. Paying tribute to youth through music, the night will always end, the sky will eventually brighten, but music and youth will never close.

The campus is not only a place for students to pursue knowledge and advancement, but also a fertile ground for upgrading taste, cultivating sentiment, and cultivating a sound personality. Campus Music Festival is an innovative initiative to explore the new path of aesthetic education in colleges and universities by sensitizing and cultivating people in the form of art that is popular among young college students.

Guangxi Yinghua International Vocational College has won dozens of titles and honors, such as "Outstanding Unit of Employment and Entrepreneurship Work for Graduates of General Colleges and Universities in Guangxi". With the location advantage of facing the China-ASEAN Free Trade Zone and neighboring the Pearl River Delta Economic Circle, and the strong alliance with 500 famous enterprises at home and abroad to cultivate highly skilled and practical talents, the employment rate of the graduates has been maintained at more than 95%, and they have now become the backbone of all walks of life and the vital force of the local economic construction, which has made important contributions to the economic construction and social development of the country.

The Guangxi Yinghua International Vocational College "Hi! Youth Music Festival", which is jointly created by the school and Taihe Music Group, is intended to let students enjoy the campus life, fully realize the beauty of music, leave exclusive romantic memories, awaken the youth, and bravely pursue their dreams.

TAIHE Music Group has been sparing no effort to guide the inheritance and innovation, growth and development of campus music and new youth culture.