Zheng Runze's "Little Ember" is Online Today Moonlight Hope Song for the Movie "Journey Through the Moon


"Little Ember in the darkness, embracing you is the whole universe"

Zheng Runze's "Little Ember" - the moonlight hope song of the movie "A Trip Across the Moon" is online today, produced by Taihe Music Group and Beijing Youguang Film, and distributed by Taihe Maitian.

Directed by Li Weiran and starring Zhang Zifeng and Hu Xianxu, the movie Traveling Through the Moon is adapted from Chi Zijian's original novel Stepping on the Moonlight Walking Board. The movie tells the story of a newlywed couple, working in different cities, running towards each other in both directions, but constantly rubbing each other the wrong way.

The moonlight hopeful song "Little Ember" was composed by musician Zheng Runze's original lyrics, inspired by the moments in the movie when the two keep missing and rubbing shoulders. In the interweaving of strings and piano, Zheng Runze uses a very magnetic voice to delicately tell the story of running towards the lover's blazing heart in the darkness, and how no matter where they are, the two hearts that love each other will still illuminate each other.

The arrangement of the whole song is like a love letter between lovers, recording the gradual precipitation of their thoughts as they look forward to seeing each other day after day. The melody is like a pointer of time, advancing layer by layer, and as the moment of meeting draws near, the heart continues to accumulate leaps of joy. Zheng Runze always captures the most touching episodes, and in the moving melody, he uses the emotional monologue from the first point of view to portray the little bits and pieces of the "estrangement".

The short separation is a moment of struggle for reunion in the boring life, with roses and harmonica as witnesses; through the crowd, the moment of embracing finds the most familiar belonging. In the second half of the song, rap is added, and the heartbeat of the embrace is felt in the increasingly strong rhythm. Making a vow that only the other person knows, passionate and straightforward, with the passage of time remains the most solid sense of security. This is the story of Lin Xiushan and Wang Rui in "A Journey Through the Moon", and it is also a true epitome of what countless people in love can resonate with regardless of the times.

The "small glimmer" crosses the barrier of distance and becomes the love that illuminates each other. This love, like the moon's dim light, though not fiery, is enough to illuminate the road ahead, giving two people unlimited courage and hope to walk side by side in this world full of uncertainties.