2023 ASEAN Sing and Learn Chinese Music Video Open Call’s ‘Popularity Award’ Public Voting has officially commenced! Pick your favourite music video now!


The ASEAN ‘Sing and Learn Chinese’ Music Video Open Call Programme organised by the Centre for Language Education and Cooperation, and promoted by Taihe Music Group, Ocean Butterflies Music, and Halo Music, is in full swing! In the two-month-long Open Call, the programme has successfully attracted numerous ASEAN music lovers to partake and showcase their love for Chinese music through the cover works. With the closure of the Open Call segment, the highly anticipated segment – ‘Popularity Award’ Public Voting, is all ready to set off another wave of enthusiasm for the participants and their supporters. A total of 25 entries have been shortlisted for the public voting.  

‘Popularity Award’ Public Voting will commence from now till November 20, 11:59 PM (GMT+8). The public may vote for their favourite music video(s) on the official website by clicking the ‘Vote Now’ button under each respective video. Every vote is the utmost support and recognition of the participants’ efforts and musical expression.

How to vote? Proceed to this link: https://obmusic.com.sg/singandlearn/popularity-award-voting/, select your favourite music video, and click to vote! Each user can vote for multiple entries but is limited to one vote per entry. Start voting away, and do not forget to spread the word amongst your family and friends to garner more support and excitement for the programme!

Let us witness the wonderful moments of this 2023 ASEAN ‘Sing and Learn Chinese’ Music Video Open Call! For more information about the programme, please visit our website at https://obmusic.com.sg/singandlearn/.