Liza Tai's album single "Green Shirt Lei Lu" is online, and the first leg of her national tour starts on 11/25 in Beijing.


All-round singer-songwriter Liza Tai's new album "Ballad of Wind and Bone", the third installment - "Green Shirt Lei Lu" is officially online today. "2023 Liza Dai's "Bone Ballad" national tour will open on November 25th in Beijing and December 2nd in Nanjing, and we are looking forward to a ten-year musical engagement with Liza Dai.

The red moon illuminates the silence of the red dust. Chivalry and righteousness are the bones of the jianghu, not asking for a return trip to love to get away. In the martial arts world of Chinese literature, there is no lack of typical teenage heroes such as Shi Bitian (Chivalry) and Xuzhu (Eight Parts of the Dragon), who acted in a bright and open-minded manner and had a clear sense of right and wrong. In Dai Tsuen's opinion, these qualities are the embodiment of the positive values of Chinese youth. In the new 2023 album "Ballad of Bones", which took three years to create, Dai sings "Green Shirt Lei Lu" to show the upright Chinese youth in his heart.

As the saying goes, "When the youth is strong, the country is strong", and young people with courage and integrity will be able to take on great responsibilities. In this song, Liza Dai invited young musicians to collaborate on this song, which not only adopts the radical electronic music style, but also uses classical Chinese instrumental music, which not only integrates the popular music style of young people nowadays, but also contains the ethnic flavor, the song is full of challenges and freshness, just like the unconventional and heroic temperament of the young heroes. The songs are full of challenges and freshness, just like the young hero's unconventional, heroic and unrestrained temperament. Liza Dai will bring the Chinese bones to the national tour of 2023, singing the Chinese story and expressing the richness and fullness of the spiritual core of the Chinese nation: the tenacity of chivalry and righteousness, the romance of subtlety and introspection, and the perseverance of finding oneself.

2023.11.25 Beijing Station


2023.12.2 Nanjing Station


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The Journey Reignites

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