Bullet Shell Album 'REDH' × Dolby Atmos Audio Version Online


Shell 2023 new studio album "REDH" in QQ music, netease cloud music, huawei music multi-platform officially online dolby panoramic sound version, this album's flow smooth ups and downs, included 12 songs, whether he has been good at the trap style, the current popular drill style, go to the heart of the melodic melodic style, as well as dare to break through the independence of the pop dance music, since August on the line, received numerous positive reviews from fans. The album was released in August and has received numerous positive reviews from fans.

In panoramic sound, the stereo mix is perfectly rendered through the left and right channels, while the music recorded in Dolby Atmos can break through the limitations of the sound channels to present a more comprehensive and perfect sound effect. The title track "REDH" is a magical beat switch that signals a new battle state, while "No More Nice Guy" is an unreserved catharsis of all the distractions, followed by "Stolen Dreams", where he officially bids farewell to all the distractions, and returns to his own self-scrutiny. The majestic orchestral accompaniment and domineering inspirational lyrics in "Coronation of the King" give himself and his listeners unlimited energy, while in "Exclusive Experience" and Outro "Reply Letter", Bullet Shell's tough-guy aura is in full bloom, giving his emotions to his family, fans and listeners in a direct and enthusiastic response.

Under the audio effect of Dolby Atmos, an innovative technology, it can give listeners an unprecedented sound experience, allowing people to experience the music more truly in an unprecedented way, close to the music, and feel the ethereal and delicate sound of multiple sound effects haunting the surroundings. "REDH", which is very meaningful to Bouncing Shell, carries Bouncing Shell's personal music concept, and injects the trust from HOOD and HOMIE's connection into his red blood, and REDH will soon become a symbol that covers both trend and music. In the perfect experience of Dolby Atmos, feel the heart of shells burning under the ashes!