Nana Ouyang's "The Star" Tour Ends in Guangzhou -- A Romantic Encounter with the Stars


At 20:00 pm on August 10th, the first stop of Nana Ouyang's 2023 "The Star" tour in Guangzhou officially opened. With "The Star" as the theme, the tour is given a romantic meaning, and the star river meets, leaving limited memories in the early fall.

Nana Ouyang opened the tour with a cello performance of the song "libertango", elegant low ponytail, light gray velvet dress, blossomed freely under the spotlight, telling the story of "The Star" and "The First Heart", conveying the charm of free-spirited music. The audience was mesmerized by the melodious sound of the piano.

Nana Ouyang's first show ended successfully in Guangzhou, and we look forward to meeting again at the next stop.