Hu Yanbin's new album with the single "is a firework" hot on-line together with the feeling of love every possibility


"You didn't understand me in the past, but you taught me so much. Used to torturing each other, fell in love and never let go. I was so cold, you were passionate like fire. Why do you make mistakes, I let go, you laugh it off, it's a firework"

On August 13th, the single "It's a Firework" from Hu Yanbin's new 2023 album was officially released on various music platforms. The song "is a firework" is a fusion of Band Song and Hip pop spiritual core of the song, a change from the usual public perception of the love song listening, the use of electronic sound slowly advancing the song climax, with Hu Yanbin mood progressive singing, can not help but let a person immersed in the joys and sorrows related to love and love ......

The lyrics expressed in just have love, as the fireworks bloomed that beautiful moment, lose it, is the experience of colorful after the despondency, let us in the destruction of the growth, in the ruins of the reconstruction, in the regret of the learning, the whole rhythm of the drums rhythm, but also seems to be the release of each other's encouragement and rekindling of love after the expectations.