Nana Ouyang 2023 debut album "The Star" is online!


On August 21st, Ouyang Nana's debut Mandarin album "The Star" was officially launched. The album has ten songs in total, and it is a work by Nana Ouyang about growing up and realizing her inner self as she opens her mind during the confusing period of being 22 years old. In the album, Nana Ouyang uses pop as the base and tries to combine various genres such as world music, folk, R&B, pop rock, Afro-Cuban and so on.

The album comes from Ouyang Nana's life. "The Star" contains many everyday environmental sounds, including the running and barking of Ouyang Nana's dog, an eight-tone box, a train, birdsong outside the window, butterflies dancing, the noise of a city car, the sound of the rain, and crowds of people clamoring for attention. ..... Each sound expresses Nana Ouyang's emotional exploration and turning feelings.