Song Xu's new Tianlong Baobei hand tour theme song "like a mystery"|Spanning thirteen years, the long love remains the same


On August 29th, as the "New Tianlong Eight" hand tour spokesman Xu Song created the theme song "such as a mystery" was officially released, in the same day held on the new Tianlong reunion night activities, "such as a mystery" MV is also spinning to meet with everyone, and debut on line. "The road ahead of the jianghu is like a mystery, only wish to be able to walk together with you".

Xu Song took over the lyrics and music production as well as the singing of "Ruyi", which is also the sixth theme song he created for the Tianlong series. The song on-line will soar to a number of music platform list TOP1. looking back on the past events of the jianghu, as if a dream, about your return, about my practice, about those love and hate and entanglement, such as a dream, but also like a mystery. When I look back in a flash, a white horse passes by, there are too many uncertainties in this world, and I don't know where the next journey will go, but the only thing that is certain is that I will always be here waiting for you. In this song, Xu Song also added a mysterious instrument - Duduqi flute, this instrument from an ancient foreign nation and folk music guzheng perfect fusion in the music shaping the atmosphere of the jianghu, it is slightly nasal and soft warm sound, more songs injected a few points "such as mystery! It is slightly nasal but soft and warm, injecting the song with a bit of "like a mystery" flavor. On the short video platform, some cover bloggers and instrument bloggers also play the song, bringing new interpretation and understanding to the song.