Revisit a classic for a change! Fish Rhythm Ensemble Sakanaction reinterprets the classics in a new release!


Formed in 2005 and signed to a major label in 2007, Fish Rhythm's Sakanaction has been recognized as one of the most iconic bands in the Japanese music industry for their literary lyrics, folk-like melodies, and their ability to move freely between genres ranging from rock to club electronica.

After celebrating their 15th anniversary concert last year, Fish Rhythm's Sakanaction is back with a brand new release! Following 2015's "懐かしい月は新しい月~Coupling & Remix works~", they are back with a double set of remastered albums "月の現~Rearange works~" and "月の幻 ~Remix works~" which features band members reinterpreting classic tracks and inviting musicians from around the world to remix them!