Taihe Music Group at the 2023 Harbin International Music and Culture Industry Expo


From September 8 to 11, 2023 Harbin International Music and Culture Industry Expo (hereinafter referred to as "Harbin Music Expo") was grandly opened in Hall B of Harbin International Convention and Exhibition Center! As a national music industry base - popular music industry base, national key cultural export unit, and national copyright demonstration unit, TAICHI MUSIC GROUP, as a national music industry base - popular music industry base, national key cultural export unit, and a national copyright demonstration unit, was stationed at the Harbin Music Expo with its service product matrix, and demonstrated TAICHI MUSIC GROUP's development results of covering the whole industry chain of music in "one-stop".

The 2023 Harbin Music Expo is co-directed by the Department of Industrial Development and the Department of Arts of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Propaganda Department of the Heilongjiang Provincial Party Committee and the Department of Culture and Tourism of Heilongjiang Province, and co-sponsored by the People's Government of Harbin Municipality, the China Society of Stage Art, and the China Association of Recording Artists. Expo to "create a new platform for the music industry, share new opportunities for a better life" as the theme, set up Harbin music history and culture and music creation, music creation and education and other 8 exhibition areas, gathering domestic and foreign music culture brands and products, covering music creation, musical instrument manufacturing, sound, light and audiovisual, copyright trading and other music culture industry chain. During the period from 8th to 11th, it also carefully set up famous music master classes and lectures, benefiting the people with 4 days of exhibitions and more than 100 exciting programs .....

Taihe Music Group, an important exhibitor at this year's Harbin Music Expo, plows deeply into music content and accumulates copyright advantages. With "content + technology" as the main line of development, it has accelerated the process of innovation and integration as well as internationalization, and created a number of audiovisual achievements of pioneering significance, including a large-scale music label matrix and artist lineup; DMH's copyright management and distribution platform, which is independently developed and operated by TAIHE MUSIC; and MaiTian Music Festival, a landmark of China's large-scale outdoor music scene. Maitian Music Festival, the iconic outdoor music scene brand in China; Lava Commercial Music, a professional service provider that provides pan-music content operation for commercial and retail businesses; and Junior Red Star Music Program, which promotes the new wave of Chinese pop music from a new aesthetic perspective. Covering the upstream and downstream of the music industry, the event provides global users with all-round, high-quality, multi-level and cross-platform music content, services and experiences.

Harbin Music Expo as a domestic all-round display of the music industry chain official trade and exchange activities, the courage to take on the new cultural mission, the Harbin music and cultural resources endowment and the development of characteristics of the organic combination of cultural tourism, to witness, to promote the music and culture industry to further develop vigorously. With this appearance at the Harbin Music Expo, TAICHI Music Group will introduce its many audiovisual interactive service products and set up a number of colorful eggs at the scene, presenting new modes, modes and highlights of the development of China's music industry in a diversified manner. At the same time, TAICHI Music Group will continue to actively build a "global circle of friends", cooperate and make alliances with many international music partners, and build an ecological music map with an international vision with a highly developed core, so as to contribute to China's music to the global market.