Joker Xue released new single, MV “It’s been so long” on August 6th


The song “It’s been so long”, created and sang by Joker Xue, is released on August 6th. The lyrics, melody and Joker’s voice echo each other to reflect the passion and helplessness of love. Directed by ZN, the MV of this song is also released at 12:00 p.m. on the same day.

From falling in love to breaking up, all those happy moments become hurtful memories. When the passionate lovers become the most familiar strangers in the end, they hold back their feelings if meeting again. It’s gonna be so long for the past lovers to meet again, and for such long they miss each other. In this MV, the train station functions as the clue to develop the whole story, in which all facets of love are illustrated.


When you meet the one you loved again, would you choose to be happy or silent? Would you tell that person how much you missed him/her?