Liu Xijun Performs "Remembering the Kindness of Relatives" for the Loved Families and Hometown


"There is not only love and friendship in the world, but also family affection," said Liu. We will see a lot of scenery in our life, but hometown and relatives are always the warmest place in our hearts. This week, Liu Xijun affectionately sang the classic song of family love in the history of Hong Kong Music "Remembering the Kindness of Relatives" on a singing show named "Sound Never Stops", radiating her own tenderness through this rearranged song.

Four years ago, Liu shared her story with her mother on microblog with fondly recalling the past. This performance of "Remembering the Kindness of Relatives" also represents full of deep love for her mother. Moreover, the song indicates not only a family's love, but also the continuous affection between Hong Kong and the mainland. No matter when and where, family is a permanent topic. Liu Xijun sang this Hong Kong Music to the mainland audience, and also told a story about the connection between the two sides of the Taiwan Straits.