With Taihe Music Group, Nana Ou-yang's New Original English Album is about to be Released


Nana Ou-yang, a young cellist, singer and actor, has reached in-depth cooperation with Taihe Music Group on the occasion of her 22nd birthday. The two sides will work together to pursue a music trend with artistic quality and contemporary expression. Besides, Nana Ou-yang's newly created album "LIVE TODAY" is about to be released. The first single "Goodbye" produced, composed and sung by her has been launched on major music platforms around the world today (June 15).

In the cooperation between Nana Ou-yang and Taihe Music Group, they will take music works as the starting point to carry out a deep cooperation based on the concept of "music+values, art+lifestyle" in work planning, distribution, marketing, performance, exhibition and peripheral fields, so as to create era boutique content that truly shows the new artistic aesthetics and lifestyle of the millennium. The first single of Nana Ou-yang's new album "Goodbye" is intended to encourage those who are brave to say goodbye to the past to expect the future, expressing the theme of "finding a more complete self in the infinite alternation of yesterday and today" and "all the endings are new beginnings". Today, "Goodbye" has been launched on major music platforms through the global distribution system of Taihe Music Group.