Dai Quan&Yunlong Zheng's MV "Verse for Treading On Grass" is Online


Today, singer-songwriter Dai Quan and actor, singer Yunlong Zheng's MV "Treading On Grass" is officially online. The images of MV slowly spread out like Chinese ink scroll with the two singers singing from a distance, just like the ancient wise men who were singing for their parting. One thousand years ago, Yan Shu, a poet of the Northern Song Dynasty, wrote a famous poem called "Verse for Treading On Grass" while parting friend. Nowadays, Dai Quan, a singer with oriental philosophy temperament, recreated that poem and interpreted the song in a modern musical way. As the first single released by Taihe Rye's project "#A18 Our Theme Song", it gave expression to oriental aesthetics and philosophy in an unforgettable way.