Su Xunlun's First Single "Flowers Hidden in an Envelope" is Released After Joining Ocean Butterflies


After the official announcement of joining Ocean Butterflies under Taihe Music Group, Su Xunlun, the new generation versatile star has his whole new single "Flowers Hidden in an Envelope". Produced by Ocean Butterflies, the song is officially released today. Filled with the secrets of youth, the song hidden in an envelope is waiting for listeners to appreciate…

As one of the post-00s, Su has a traditional habit of writing a diary, which serves as a source of his songwriting. The poetic and imaginative words of his song "Flowers Hidden in an Envelope" exactly come from his own diary. He usually notes the inspiration and idea in his diary and develops a version of lyrics in line with the basic melody, and then creates the final song after polishing and revising it over and over again. Su's talent and efforts in creation have already been reflected in "Flowers Hidden in an Envelope" , let us look forward to his better work in music with Ocean Butterflies.