"The Lab Vol.3" is Officially Released丨Three Years of Exploration, the Final Chapter is Presented


"The Lab Vol.3" as the final chapter of "The Lab" was launched on 28 December, which includes eleven fresh rap talents from all over China. It involves Shooter, C Hero, LU Qi, ASTP, Er Ai Fu, PRC Mission, CLON, BAZID27, Shark2z, GROOZA, and Fankey 89. The style remains unrestricted, from classic Boom Bap to Trap and Melodic Rap, and all the energetic sounds are accumulated on this album "The Lab".

In terms of content, some of these tracks talk about lamentable love, some about the reality of life, and some are positive critiques of the current state of the rap scene, all of which are the rappers' most realistic feelings.