FACE BAND showed tough softness in “Estuary”, illustrated the ideal world with music


Recently, the FACE BAND from En Mercurio of Taihe Music Group (TMG) released the new single “Estuary”, which is the first time they tried to arrange a song integrated with orchestra and rock styles. Every word in the lyrics represents their consideration and encouragement for victims of calamities, showing the softness of these tough guys.


The FACE BAND sang “Estuary” in “The Big Band”, and through the lyrics, this band tried to tell the audience that no matter how desperate and hopeless life is, there is always someone offering warmth like a hug or a song to you.


Good songs are those that can evoke emotional echos and reflect reality, and “Estuary” is one of them. It comforts the lonely hearts of people so that those who suffered from pains can treasure their current happy lives. If possible, everyone is dependable, and thus becomes the estuary of someone else. This is the ideal world we are pursuing.


Since released, “Estuary” has gained much applause from the mass and media, for they are deeply touched by the song. In the future, the FACE BAND will create more powerful and excellent music works. Let us keep watching the development of the FACE BAND!