Joker Xue released MV of “Belated” online, looks into the essence of life


At 12 a.m. of July 19th, the MV of Joker Xue’s ballad “Belated” was officially released. Joker collaborated with Zhongping Huang once again to reveal the essence of life. This single “Belated”, same as Joker’s previous single “Puppet”, topped various of music platforms shortly after released, which continues to spread the music enchantment of Joker Xue.



This MV uses special scene shifts and lights to discuss the different outside and inside of contemporary people. The supernatural approach depicts the appearance of objects and images, and thus reveals the giant gap between reality and dream.


The melody of the song hits audience’s hearts directly through the ear, and the MV tries to relate with the audience in the visual aspect through eyes. With the unique voice of Joker Xue, the scenes in the MV and the in-depth lyrics would lead the listeners to brood on the dilemmas of life, and to seek for the essence of life.


As people’s tastes of life keep converging, the beautiful and diversified world has gradually become monotonous, while the world we see is not the reflection of the world in our hearts. If moving a bit faster in the dream world, people would greedily go beyond the contemporary taste of life; while if moving a bit more slowly in the real world, then will you still listen to the sincerity and courage in your heart?