Victor Wong released MV of new single The Best Ex’s, acting as the pianist in the show-within-the-show


On June 27th, the MV of the theme song The Best Ex was launched. The song tells a sad story in a warm-sounding tone, and interpreted different levels of happiness from a macro perspective. This MV presents this dramatic conflict in an ingenious way. The director elaborately wrote the script, turning the whole MV into a show-within-the-show, and Victor Wong incarnated into the pianist in the drama with passion.

The story of The Best Ex comes from the lyrics. The people invited at the wedding are just like the best actors in Oscar. The wedding is like a big show. The lyricist puts a lot of hints in the lyrics, so the peaceful and festive words on the surface are in fact the subtext of the protagonist's feeling. Every blessing in the chorus is implicative and intriguing.

Based on the theme and content of the music, "The Best Ex" MV director Ares Wu said that the title of this album from the third party's perspective was very interesting, so he wanted to present it in an ingenious way. The director elaborately wrote the script and turned the whole MV into a show-within-the-show. Victor Wong is the pianist of the concert, and the leading actor and actress are the dancers who participated in the concert. It is not only the story of the pianist Victor Wong, but also the story between the male and female dancers on the stage. In order to increase the tension of the drama, the director also arranged a beautiful and passionate plot. Victor Wong said that this is the spiciest MV he had ever had, but luckily he didn’t have to shoot the passionate plots, otherwise it would be difficult to explain to his wife.