As a high-quality music service provider in China, Taihe Music Group is a mainstay of the cultural intelligence industry and the pioneer of the music industry. Promoting the development of the music industry is always the mission and responsibility for Taihe Music Group.

Over the years, owing to our outstanding influence and creativity, Taihe Music Group has built a pan-entertainment ecosystem consisting of content production, copyright operation, performance services, internet products, fans community and integrated marketing to provide diversified services for users, labels and artists.

Taihe Music Group operates plentiful music labels such as Taihe Rye Music, Ocean Butterflies Music, Asia Muse, Rye Music, Red Star, Maybe Mars, Ruby Eyes Records and En Mercurio as well as interactive services platforms such as Show Start, Qian Qian Music, Lava Store Music and Owhat. Taihe Music Group made progress in promoting the development of the music industry. For example, Taihe Music Group introduced “RED STAR YOUTH MUSIC PROJECT” so as to promote the development of youth music; Taihe Music Group created the “Live Power Awards (LPA)”, which is the first award judged by live performances in China; and also organized and developed large-scale music live - Rye Music Festival.